•  LUBES ANALYSIS SERVICE - offers customers a complete range of oil analysis services, giving you peace of mind that your lubricants are doing their job and    helping ensure your engines and machinery do not suffer unexpected problems.
  • LUBRICANT ANALYSIS – We reduce the turnaround time for preventative maintenance through Shell LubeAnalysttm.
  • LUBRICANT SURVEY – We do a full survey on all equipments. Lube Surveys are an integral component to our preventative maintenance program and Dioling has the support of our suppliers as well as our internal staff to perform this important task. Our Lube Survey is built by reviewing the following:

- A detailed review of ALL equipments using lubricants.

- A review of OEM approved product recommendations, specifications and drain intervals.

- Specific applications for each component.

- Opportunities to lubricant consolidation to minimize opportunity for misapplication or misuse of a product.

After gathering all of this information a report will be generated for your business that proverides recommendations on the most suitable lubricants, engine oils or other products for each application so that the total cost of operation is optimized.